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In 1967, while enrolled at Wayne State University (Detroit, MI), William Cook attended undergrad and graduate business classes taught by PROF. MAUSER.  They became friends and handball partners. Later that year Rose, William’s soon to be wife, was introduced to Prof. Mauser. For many years the three of them would enjoy spirited conversations at the Traffic Jam & Snug Tavern. In 1969, Prof. Mauser attended the Cook’s wedding and later became a “third gramps” to their twins Jai and Heather. Prof. Mauser was family and that became abundantly clear when Rose became his primary caregiver later in his life.

For the next several decades, Prof. Mauser and the Cooks discussed the framework and goals of the proposed Mauser Harmony With Nature Foundation. The core concept was simple. The Foundation would promote Prof. Mauser's lifelong dream of educating others about living in harmony with nature. It would also support business practices and products that are environmentally friendly.

Cradle to Cradle.

The blossoming of the CRADLE TO CRADLE movement had its roots in the fertile soil laid down by early environmental pioneers like Prof. Mauser. He died in 1994 before his dream of creating a foundation could be realized. In 1998, William and Rose Cook established the Mauser Harmony With Nature Foundation to honor the memory of their friend and mentor, Prof. Mauser.



We envision a healthy environment. A place where every person has the opportunity to drink clean water, breathe fresh air, eat healthy food and spend time enjoying nature. The earth is our only home and should be treated with care and respect. Through education, we are empowered to make wise choices...



To educate ourselves and others on how to live, work and play harmoniously within the environment. We support students, businesses, and non-profit organizations who are committed to honoring and respecting our natural habitat...





My Foundation responsibilities include reviewing scholarship, donation, and grant requests, planning seminars, and scheduling board meetings. I have toured numerous LEED buildings, including the Metro Health Hospital and Health Village, a sustainable community near Grand Rapids, MI.


I’ve also participated in stormwater charrettes, attended forums and workshops, manned Foundation information booths at various seminars, and spearheaded numerous grant initiatives including Camp Greening. Since purchasing the Mauser EcoHouse in Costa Rica in January 2016 I have assumed the role of Marketing Director.


I am honored and humbled that Professor Mauser entrusted me to be one of the founders of the Mauser Harmony With Nature Foundation. I feel that I am ethically and morally bound to direct the Foundation’s activities in a way that would make “Doc,” as I affectionately called him, proud. As such, I am constantly evaluating and analyzing the Foundation’s direction Advocating for sustainability through the Foundation provides me with the opportunity, through education, to encourage harmony rather than discord on our planet.







I am responsible for the Foundation’s financial investments, tax reporting, annual meetings, grant activities, and daily operations. I have given lectures and contributed to magazine articles promoting sustainable building practices on behalf of the Foundation.


I have attended several USGBC GreenBuild conferences, meetings, and events as well as toured LEED houses, commercial and municipal buildings.



Bachelor of Science and Master Degrees in Business Administration, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

LEED AP (2004), and Board Member – Detroit Chapter (2006-9), U.S. Green Building Council

Certified Property Manager (CPM), Executive Council Member, and Emeritus Member, Institute of Real Estate Management, since 1979

Emeritus Member International Council of Shopping Centers, since 1980

Real Estate Broker, State of Michigan, 1979-2009

Chairman, School of Business Adm. (WSU), Earth Day Seminar, 1970

Honorable Discharge, four service awards, US Navy (1962-66)



I am retired from a career in real estate management, brokerage, research, and development. I worked for a national shopping center company, and later as a market research consultant. My interests include traveling, photography, hiking, biking, and promoting the importance of being environmentally sustainable.

Since signing on as a director in 2001, I have taken on a multitude of tasks within the foundation, including becoming the full time residency manager for our artist residency program- The Mauser Eco House - in Costa Rica. Not only do I host our artists in residence, but I also manage the property, select grant recipients for the foundation, review scholarship and residency applications, and manage our social media presence and residency open calls.


As far as my background in sustainability interests go, I have participated in green festivals including Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man. I have repeatedly attended green conferences as well including ‘Green Build’ and ‘International Environmental Forum.’ Along with this, I have cultivated a love for gardening since moving to Costa Rica and running the Mauser Eco House, including growing a huge garden, mostly from seed, and manage the greenhouse on the property. 




Michigan State University, Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and Textiles

Fashion Institute of Technology Associates Degree in Fashion Design

Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing Massage Technician Training

Certified Massage Practitioner CA

The Heart Touch Project Heart Touch Technique Training, Infant Massage for Healthcare Professionals Training

Sustainable Works-Green Living Workshop

Dragon Herbs Chinese Tonic Herbalist since 2000




Since signing on as a director in 2001, I've spearheaded many projects including funding a series of Native American sweat lodges, procuring the Nanci Christopher artist grant, and finding land in Costa Rica for what would become the Mauser EcoHouse artist residency. I help select grant recipients, review scholarship applications, attend conferences on green building and environmental sustainability, and travel to the EcoHouse as often as possible to work the land and help with the residency. 


Professional/ Training/ Academic


Licensed and Certified Massage Practitioner by State of California 

Certification Holistic Bodywork- Institute of Conscious Bodywork, San Anselmo CA

Certification Thai Massage- Shivagakomarpaj Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Certification Shiatsu- California Healing Arts College

Sustainable Works Green Living Workshop 




I enjoy the basketball courts of Venice Beach, studying media analysis, vipassana meditation, and exploring LA's eclectic restaurants. When not working I can be found roaming the beaches and playgrounds of Santa Monica and Venice with my six year old son, Zade. 




MAY  15 2022.

Live and create with other  artists from around the world in tropical, sustainable, ecofriendly paradise.