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Sustainability Efforts

The Green House

We built our Green house in 2017 and it has been the home to hundreds of plants and trees. We start them from seeds and clippings, taking care of them for a year or 2 until they are ready to be planted on in our garden.   


The Food Forest

When the foundation bought the EcoHouse in 2017, the front yard was clear cut. We started our process of reforestation by putting in swales to catch the rainwater and creating a path for harvesting. We started planting trees which are all now 5-6 years old and already all producing fruit. We have Jackfruit, papayas, vanilla bean, guanabana, starfruit, mango and many more! 

The Seed Project

We love to collect all types of seeds we find from all around Costa Rica and start them in our greenhouse. We have donated hundreds of plants/trees to the local community when we run out of room in our garden. In 2022, the EcoHouse acquired another 1.5 acres to be able to create more food forests and permaculture gardens  



Contact us to learn more about our upcoming plans to maintain our sustainable lifestyle and projects at the Mauser EcoHouse.

We welcome you to donate to our mission of supporting artists and a healthy planet!

The Dome Project

We are working fiercely to raise funds for our Dome Permaculture Project.


-2 one bedroom dome houses for permaculture volunteers to work/learn and teach on the land


-Rancho/BBQ grill for community events


-The  Mauser Pipeline- path/bridge/garden walk with edible plants/fruit trees that will join the residency and community next door (Costa Vida).


-This area will serve as an educational site for artists and visiting kids from local schools to learn about permaculture, how to garden, tend chickens, and live sustainably on the land.

If you wish to learn more about this project please view the Master Plan document attached, and if you wish to support our project financially please press the Donate button.


Artist Swag Bags 

At the  Mauser EcoHouse we wish to promote sustainable products to our residents. Therefore, we are asking for donations for our artist swag bags, which include various products that are healthy for us, the planet and support our daily life & habits.

We encourage our residents to arrive with natural products from their shampoo tocreative tools, use the organic compost in our garden and learn how to recycle and upcycle whatever they are using while staying here!


Our hope is that this will inspire our residents take a look at their lifestyle to think about how they can improve and implement new habits at the residency and after returning  to their homes.

We are looking for sustainable, vegan and green brand companies to donate products which will be distributed into a gift bag and given upon arrival to our 8 artists every month.

What do we need?

Soaps, hair products, compostable sponges, biodegradable floss and tooth brushes, etc. 

Want to help us? Join our project as a donor to help the environment, support sustainable living and promote your products. Items are shipped to our office in Santa Monica, California and brought to the residency a few times per year. 

Contact us for more information!

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