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EcoHouse Kitchen

We are proud to serve local, organic and vegetarian meals, sourcing food from our own garden and from our fellow neighbors when possible as to support a sustainable lifestyle. 



What can our residents expect?

- Delicious self-serve breakfast Monday-Friday. Includes most of the following: eggs, beans, rice, bread, butter, jam, fruit, granola, oatmeal, plantains, potatoes, yogurt, cheese, coffee, tea, and sugar

- Gourmet vegetarian dinner at 5:30 pm Monday- Friday


-No lunches or meals on weekends are included. 


- Weekly local delivery truck and  for the option to purchase fresh veggies and fruits

- A wide verity of fresh growing's straight from our own garden

- A fully equipped communal kitchen for personal use during the day

-Tour of the gardens (optional) if your are interested in learning about all our dozens of fruit trees and herbs growing on site 

Dishes and Garden Produce:

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