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Day Trips

The Mauser EcoHouse believes that it is an essential and important to expose artists to and be at one with nature. We have considered in our program various full day trips included within your residency fee. We did this to ease the burden and worry of our nature loving residences and let them explore the Costa Rican natural wonders.


Mirador Donde Andres

Visit the neighborhood restaurant who will open up bright 'n early so you can catch the best sunrise views around! Serving a tasty and local breakfast with plenty of coffee. Jania (Andres' wife) may even let you feed the baby goats and harvest coffee beans from on-site coffee plants. Additional opportunities include making fresh sugar cane, family style breakfast, ocean view, sunrise and more. Local sightings of animal friends are very common. Transportation and breakfast is included in residency fee. 

Manuel Antonio National Park 

One of the best national parks in Costa Rica famous for its hiking trails with stunning views, beautiful beaches, and of course array of wildlife from monkeys to sloths to exotic birds and coatis. Park admission and transportation is included in residency fee. 

monkey man.jpg

Monkey Mangrove Tour

Experience the unique ecosystem that only exists in tropical and subtropical climates. Mangroves, or los manglares, are a special place where the freshwater ecosystems connect to the salty seas. Consequently, they boast a rich diversity of animals such as otters, exotic birds, sleeping bats, sloths, and the occasional crocodile and up close and personal encounter with local white faced Capuchin monkeys. Cost of tour and transportation is included in residency fee.

Beach Day and Art Walk 

Cool and refresh at a relaxing day on the beach in Esterillos Oeste. Residents enjoy an immersive art walk experience consisting of the past residents' murals scattered throughout the town! The MEAR artists started a grassroots beautification project in this beachside town and everyone is encouraged to participate! Yearly festival soon to come. Transportation is included in residency fee. 


Iguana Chocolate
Cacao Farm

Have you ever wondered how chocolate is made? Experience the process from seeing how the cacao trees and fruit grow to learning how chocolate is made from the bean to bar. This farm is nestled up in the mountains and if you don't remember the information on this tour, you will definitely remember the yummy chocolate! Transportation and cost of tour is included in residency fee. 

RainMaker Canopy Hike 

As you venture up the mountainside, a series of thrilling suspension bridges overlooking the treetops and rushing river below awaits you. This is a fantastic tour for people wanting to experience the magic of a tropical rainforest with a moderate level of hiking and the exciting thrill of suspended bridges! Don't forget your swimsuit to take a dip in some crystal-clear natural pools and waterfalls. Entrance and transportation is included in residency.

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