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Every year, Mauser EcoHouse welcomes a cohort of artists from around the world, from novice to renowned, from painters to composers, to live, work, and play harmoniously within the environment.

Over the years, Mauser EcoHouse had hosted over 250 artists from around the globe!


Featured Artists are former residents of Mauser EcoHouse who share their experience, inspiration, and growth with our growing community.

Bella Lucy at Mauser Foundation
guestbook testimonials of Mauser Ecohouse


Want to hear what it's like to be a part of our residency? Visit the testimonials page to read first hand off our amazing artists sharing about their experience at the Mauser EcoHouse.

Former Residents

Check out our yearly growing list of artists that had visited the residency in Mauser EcoHouse, Grant winners and volunteer artists.

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