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Art Education 

Our Volunteer Program

Artists in the Mauser Residency program are given the opportunity to volunteer their time to teach creative workshops in local schools- ranging from visual arts, performances, literary arts and more! 

Our goal is to help as much as we can to spread the love for the arts and the connection between our experienced artists and local kids in the community. 

We believe that sharing our skills and contributing to the education of the youth holds a very higher value, therefore we aim to continue our efforts to provide art classes to support this.

Escuela Esterillos Oeste & Mauser Foundation
Mural Escuela Esterillos Oeste by Mauser Foundation

The Art Teacher Project

Our goal is to fully fund the travel and accommodation for one of our artist alumni to return to Costa Rica to teach art in the local school in Esterillos Oeste because they currently do not have funding to put an art teacher on staff.

If you wish to help us, please make a donation!


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