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Our Story

The Beginning

Mauser Harmony with Nature Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1998 by the Cook family in honor of Dr. Ferdinand F. Mauser, who truly believed in the power of education and culture to raise environmental awareness. The foundation promotes a healthy and conscious lifestyle, and supports students, businesses, and non-profit organizations committed to the preservation of nature.


As of 2019, the foundation has opened the Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency (the MEAR) to encourage artists from around the world to dive into their projects while inspired by the Costa Rican jungle. Based on a hectare plot of land, the house can accommodate multiple artists at a time in private or shared rooms, suitable for companions, for stays of one month or longer. The program is self-managed and open to artists of all disciplines, 21 and older, regardless of gender, nationality or career level.

Mission Statement

We support creative people, projects and businesses that are healthy, eco-friendly and in harmony with nature. 


In bringing our mission statement to life and our vision to promote art, permaculture, and health, we purchased a Spanish style villa in Costa Rica and turned it into an artist residency. The Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency (the MEAR) is a boutique artist retreat center that hosts artists, showcases sustainable products, is learning/teaching facility about permaculture and living sustainably and in harmony with nature. We believe that art can change the world and that artists create their best art when inspired. Since opening, it has become a transformational space for artists to come together from all around the world. 

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