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Bella Lucy

Visual Artist From Philadelphia, PA USA

Dates of Residency: December 2023



Get to Know Bella Lucy

1. What inspired you during your stay at the MEAR (Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency)?  

BL: The beautiful plants & animals of Costa Rica were just as inspiring as the creative and insightful conversations I was lucky to share with my fellow residents! The harmonious community atmosphere of Mauser Ecohouse fueled my days with endless inspiration! 

2. What did you work on while you were there? 

BL:  I worked on studies of plants and animals during my stay, inspired by the ecosystems right in the backyard of the residency as well as the day trips we went on to waterfalls, beach towns, etc! I also focused on slowing down and being present to take a break from my normal fast paced artistic practice! It was a much needed break and rejuvenation period.

3. What was your favorite Costa Rican dish? 

BL: My favorite dish was the green papaya salad that was made right from the papaya in our garden! Eating food that was grown right on the land made every meal priceless. I’ve never felt so fueled and filled by healthy delicious meals!

4. How has the residency influenced your current practice?

BL: My time at the residency helped me break through many barriers in my artistic practice. I am now much more skilled at drawing animals & plants as well as human portraits! I now incorporate a much wider range of wildlife in my work. The connections I made during my time there have also stuck with me in my everyday life, consistently bringing me inspiration and reminding me of the magic that happens when you share art with others!

5. What advice would you give to future residents?

BL: For future residents I would advise spending time getting to know the other artists and to embrace the relaxed lifestyle that Costa Rica has to offer. It is a transformative place!!! there are so many people and creatures to learn from.

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