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“What a fantastic place to create. Thank you for the welcoming atmosphere, incredible food, and beautiful surroundings. Everything was perfect, from the room, to the trips and chats, its been really special and I've managed to get some much needed relaxation as well as editing 46 chapters of my book. Thanks so much for everything and i hope to be back.

Much love, ”


"Thank you for making this place a loving, caring, nutritive, healing and grounding place, I have never worked in such an ease, and light. I got a project done here and I am happy I can share some of Mauser house magic back in home. Love, ”



“Dear Mauser House,

Thank you for a wonderful stay.  I’m walking away with a wealth of experience and inspiration that carry over the years!  Thank you for your warmth and hospitality, I hope our paths will cross again!

Pura Vida! ”


"I'm honored to have spent my first artist residency in such a wholesome, beautiful home. Over this last north, I've been able to go to so many soul reaching adventures and I'm so thankful for the work ya'll do in being able to provide this experience for so many inspiring people! I hope you have some restful family time in June! xoxo ” 


"It feels like home here.  You are all so welcoming and loving.  It’s so important to feel safe to be ourselves and express (especially as artists!) You are all so helpful and accommodating.  As a guest (a partner of an artist) and, I felt a part of a team.  The food is unbelievably tasty.  The day trips are experiences I won’t forget, (Rainmaker, Esterillos Beach).  You support such a kind community.  My heart is filled with love.  Love and blessings to your family and Mauser himself.”

I am inspired! ”



Many thanks for ALL your help in making my stay here a fantastic experience! From the logistics of my travel to CR, your welcome of flowers and chocolate upon my arrival and all the other details that made my trip a blast!

Thanks again! ”


"Thank you thank you thank you!!! What an inspiration the Mauser House is. I can't express how grateful I am for the impromptu toad/ frog pool night tour, Charlie cuddles, family dinners, cozy room, spooky spiders and community love. We will definitely spread the word for others to come visit. Love, Love, Love ”


"Dearest Heather, you have been such an incredible host. Fun, flexible, accommodating, reassuring, positive, and truly able to meet each person's individual needs. You’ve made my stay super special - I felt welcomed wholeheartedly. I will keep you posted as 'Tender Hearts' continues to develop and unfold. This residency gave it its legs. Stay in touch please!!! I hope to return in the not so distant future. With love and gratitude." 


“Heather and Mauser EcoHouse, 

Thank you so much for the most spectacular, beautiful, peaceful, art residency. My heart, mind, body, and spirit feels so loved and nourished by this beautiful space you have created. I felt so connected, free, aware, alive creating here. It is something beyond magical, and I am so grateful you have created this paradise - for there will be many many to come who will receive the many gifts of Mauser House. Heather, thank you for being so beautifully you, and shining like the sun! You are so magical, kind, light, loving and selfless, and my heart honors you. I was so grateful I was able to experience the Mauser House journey with you. You lit up my life! Thank you for getting wild with me and extending so much love, generosity, and ideas. You are a beautiful soul, and Mauser House is a gem. A magical paradise that I hope many more are able to have the gift of experiencing. Thank you Dr. Mauser and Heather’s family, Bambi, Charlie, Henry, and all the other animals for the most wonderful transformational experience. You are having such a beautiful impact on our world. I love you! 

With Love and gratitude, ”


"Dear Heather, Kayla and Yuna! 

From the very first moment, I felt so welcomed by you. Thank you! And the house and the garden, the plants, the animals... they all were a huge inspiration and I drew a lot of it. Just the heat...was hard to stand... however, I had a great time! See you again in the future, here or in Berlin, Germany, or else-where on our beautiful planet. ”



"Thank you for providing such a beautiful space in which to create. The nature, food, room, friendliness, has all been amazing. I’m super grateful for all your hard work and for letting me come and work on my novel. This book is already 100% because of you. You're the best. ”


"Dear Heather,

A million thank you's for you and all that you do. I am so grateful for this experience, and will hold it close to my heart for life.

All the best now & always."


"Thank you for the best experience! The lizards are on the roof as I write this...and I love it! The Mauser House is beautiful and I can't wait to see it grow! Soon it will be difficult to get into this place :) I'm glad I got in when I did! You have been such a great hostess and I can't wait to come back! Thank you again for everything this trip was truly magical and I was able to produce some great art!
I will miss you!"


"Heather and Kayla,

Muchas Gracias hard seems enough to say. Such a special place you have created here. It has been so restful and relaxed. Never a sense of pressure or direction to be productive buy you have created the best atmosphere for working and being creative! Thanks and thanks. ”


"Heather, Kayla, and Yuna.

Thank you so so much for the wonderful month got to spend at for your beautiful space. I came here with no expectations as to what I would create and the people I'd meet, but it was so much better than I could have hoped for. One month filled with female energy, safety, nourishing food, art, nature, poetry, connection and so much more. Love, love, love! Thank you so so much again, keep shining your beautiful lights!! Will be back! xxx”


"One month is to short of a time for the wonderful amazing experiences that Mauser EcoHouse has to offer. Beautiful home, beautiful environment and lasting memories! Thank you for the once in a lifetime adventure! Every day is a new day! Cheers-wanting the best life can give you and the Mauser EcoHouse foundation. ”


"Thank-you for a beautiful opportunity to work and connect to nature here @ Mauser. Many blessings to all of you who have created this place for many to enjoy. ”


"I'm sitting now in the same couch I say many times during my residency while editing my book (the one in the back outside). Listening to the sounds of nature as I write, and I have no words to express my gratitude for enabling this experience for me and many others. I had a much needed time to work on my book, connect with nature, and most importantly, connect with myself. Thank you for this. I wish you the best, and keep shining the way you do (I love your energy so much!) Hoping we will meet again,

Much love, ”


"Thank you Heather and Family for offering such a place for artists to work and play. Our month has gone by so quickly and as I reflect back it has been a great success. We have all accomplished a lot. So wonderful to have access to a beautiful garden and work from great to be so well fed at the end of the day with a tasty meal. Thank you so much for facilitating our site seeing adventures and for the many trips down the hill to the beach. Our time here will be remembered as a wonderful family time of creativity and sunshine. 

Best Regards, ”

Barbara, Daniel & Willow

"Dear Heather and the Mauser House Community,

My stay here was more than just wonderful. It helped me to separate a bit from my home and give me perspective on my artwork and my direction in my work. Finally on the last Friday before leaving woke up early (3am) to realize that my ideas about my work was flowing out of me. I started to brain storm until you showed up in the morning while I was making breakfast. Yes I make 2 small artworks here but just having the space & time to 'brain storm' ideal was ideal for me. This is what artist residencies do! Thank you! With a full heart! Love & Best Wishes"


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