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Open Air Art Walk 
Esterillos Oeste 

In 2022, the MEAR started a grassroots beautification project in the neighboring town of Esterillos Oeste which all started with Caroline, our 1st Phoenix Grant winner, who wanted to give back to the community. She volunteered her time to paint a local restaurant (a food truck, El Chante, owned by our local friends Ester and Milton) and it turned out absolutely beautiful and helped increase their business tremendously! Within the months, other artists quickly asked to be included in the project and now we have murals all over town including at the school, the soccer field and local residents homes. Since the project started, the community was impacted positively, creating a change in the town in many aspects. Everyone truly appreciates and values the wall murals. We are planning a weekend festival in the town in June, 2025

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