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Our Team

Since It´s beginning, Mauser EcoHouse had recruited a line of people to work at the house. Our Team is a collection of unique individuals who support our love to the arts and to the goal of taking care of our environment. 



Ricardo has been on our staff as the head gardener for the property since 2016. The reason the garden is so absolutely beautiful is because of him (and his partner in crime, Angelica). From cutting the lawn, to designing the greenhouse to tending to our food forest, he is a true gem. 



You will see Angelica working around the residency with her 3 pups in tow (Brownie, PJ and Harry) leading projects and assisting her husband Ricardo with anything and everything in the garden. Feel free to practice your Spanish with her, she is the best teacher! 

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-22 at 08.46.32_50543071.jpg


Marlen is our neighbour and trusted ally! She has been an invaluable asset to the EcoHouse since we began. She is an excellent housekeeper, chef and go-to person when we have any "fix it" issues in the house. You will see her cleaning/helping with laundry and working in the garden and kitchen! She is an expert on the plants of Costa Rica. And she is also an artist herself,  from painting (she has contributed to the mural in the Ocean Room!) to carving designs and making bowls out of coconut shells.



Diego (@bareaecodesign) is our cherished project manager and sustainable systems designer. Diego and his team, Miguel (gardener) and Juan (the contractor),

have completed projects for us along with the most recent, designing of our new septic tank!  And they did an absolutely fantastic job. 

Currently he is in collaboration with Alvaro and Adrian at Domo Bida (@domobida)

for our Dome Project and he has also created a master plan on how we can utilize our 3 acres of land/food forests.  We will start construction on the Mauser Pipeline (nature trail that connects the residency, domes and community next door) in June 2024 and the dome project when we get the neessary funding! Hopefully soon...

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